Problem in button click event

dataURI.aia (7.6 KB)
If possible give a try


I tried it and also applied to my app it works fine…but what about my original query

What you want???This works like that only na… If it have link activity will open… If no link it will open teh add screen… then??

Yes but I have to add images also to them…how to do that with this code

in this code you did not showed how to add link from second screen

I am not clear. Do you want to add images to the buttons? (that 10)

But where is the photo in this (your) block

… I showed interest to minimize your blocks. Do you want swiggy image in swiggy button? If more specific, suggestion will be more quicker


The images are given in properties

And some are custom made for the user to upload images

Yes each buttons have their images but some are given to be custom made…there the user will give the images(this is what I am talking about) and these will be showed in first screen

@Still-learning what to do with those…can u help

@Still-learning or @dora_paz can u tell how to get the link from second screen and add to the list at that index…this only nothing else…pls help

I think I didn’t understand your concept… li k from second screen 2 to 1???

If so user will move from 1 to 2 then 2 to 1 right??

If I am correct, You are trying to tell user have to add image and link at the empty boxes that is showed in the above post(which I suggest you the method)?

I have set link for index 1 and 2 so user can directly can start activity if they click on either. but for other blocks links are empty , so in which you are giving free hand to the user to add image and link themselves, correct ? If so you no need to go acreen2. You can do it in the same screen


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yeah firstly user will click the button and go to screen 2 there he will fill the link and come back to screen 1 from where when he will again click on that button he will be redirected to that link

@Still-learning can u get my point

Yes, understood…

Can u help in doing that

Hmmm. May be but need to work on it i have some personal , later will send u

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No problem you can send any time

Are you looking like this? I am not tested this in Android 10& above. I tested in my Oppo neo 7 only…

I tried with tinyDB… Check up and tell me

image.apk (5.4 MB)

Yeah this is what I wanted thanks for helping this out @Still-learning

Can u share the aia of this