Problem in copying image with Taifun File extension

I try to copy the image with CopyAsync block but when the image copied it doesn’t show in Gallery. It shows like a recycle bin image.

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You can use GalleryRefresh method from Tools extension and see what happens.


I also try it but it doesn’t work…

When i open the image from File Manager its only show like recycle bin image its does’t open in gallery.

Heyy i got success… Now i am able to load image in Gallery. I try this blocks…

HYY …I again got a problem in load images in Gallery. When I build an app it doesn’t work again.

You must ask for WRITE permission, because the Taifun File ext. does not ask for it automatically.

See the description: App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps

So try this:

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ok. I will try it…

… or this (should also work):

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Yes, this path work. Thank you so much…

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