Problem in getting imei number

it always opens signup screen.

Yes, it will always open signup screen.
As there i mistake in signup screen.
As you have not added imei in device column of spreadsheet.
Which you have to add when button in signup screen is clicked.

You can add Imei in you column by using add row block.

Thank you…

its done here in signup screen.

Try to call Add row when got device imei

row is successfully added by this method but problem is in getting the data

Have you tried to signup two time from phone
if yes then check that is both imei is same or not.

Its same…

when i do this it successfully opens the mainmain screen.

I’m really confused

share aia pls

draw.aia (685.3 KB)

I’ve seen somewhere that the get imei block isn’t working…
[do search for that]
And do check on your spreadsheet - is imei stored there?
Please show a snap of airtable spreadsheet…
You can use TinyDb for identify if user already signed up or not, then why do you use imei?

yes its stored in airtable spreadsheet.
I want to use imei for one time login signup setup.
problem with tinydb is it data get lost when does clear data.

share full database pls

Don’t crop it

Bro there are many errors.
First of all, you are try to get data from table name “data” while your data name is “UserData
And Recheck key and base id as after setting Table name to “UserData” to it again not worked.

I have checked it userdata everywhere. Its storing and getting data easily from spreadsheet but the problem is in getting imei number from device and comparing it.
when i manually put my imei and compare it with the one which i got from airtable it worked fine.

I have checked right now that you will get imei when a button got clicked. and you will not get on screen intialization.

get imei is working on signup screen but not in screen 1

no it is working but matter is that when button got clicked then it work else not working

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