Problem into Shift one Project to another one in kodular

Hello Kodular Team Member I face some Problem so That Problem I Share With Community, I hope you Approve My Suggestion, My Suggestion is… [Sorry My English is week but issue is big i found…:slight_smile: ]

How Anyone can Shift One project into another (Previous one or Next one)…?

I have to face this problem regularly.

When I have to create new project and I shift to previous project then Close current project every time then I open Previous Project.

One of the best solution is here…Like Word or excel in windows or any system display previously project into list…

Here I am attached One Screenshot to display how we open list below of the red box.

If you not understand Please DM (Direct Message me on here…).

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Open another project in new tab

Yes you are Right but One Of the major issue i face and every time tedious for every one…You also face this problem when you work one and more project into same time…

Thank You for Replay…:slight_smile:

Do you know this?
If you click on My Projects, then you can see all your projects
It is easy to switch like this

If you are copying blocks from one project to another project then you can do it with back pack

How plz send me Screenshot I can’t understand… :pensive:

I have many more question related to other query please help me…

How to do that…?
Q-1 if i press one button then button text are store and dynamic value are store into data base how can I perform these…?

Please Give me answer if you known… :pray: