Problem notifier: background and text are white

You have to change the color of the text to black, it appears to be white just like the background

What did you choosen for the notifier property??

From the companion, the notifier works as it always has.
I have not changed any settings from the default ones, neither in the notifier nor in the screen.
The problem arises when I download the apk and install it on my device. Sorry I omitted this particular

Can you please record a small video of it?

Check projects settings. Go to Theme and check if it is set to default or dark theme

I had already tried to change the theme, but I haven’t solved it.
I add that as shown in the image, in the case of using a dialog box with choice, this works well, while those where I have the po-pup that disappears after a while, this presents the problem.
For example the events in Button1 and Button2 return the problem to me, but Button3 works.

It Is Default, but not working too if I set dark theme

Theme in your phone ? Try setting app’s theme setting to default and while testing apk do not use dark theme in your phone. See if it works

It works with dark Thema set as the device theme, but in my opinion there is still the problem that the notifier does not take the background color that the app sets, but takes that of the device theme and this should not be corrected. What do you think? In this case the background color shown in the “show alert” event is black while the background color shown in the “show choose dialog” is dark gray.

Is there anyone with the same problem as me?
I think this is a bug, it would be interesting to understand why the problem does not arise with the companion. I believe that the companion apk was generated with a version prior to this last fix and therefore the problem does not arise.


You could create your own notifiers using an extension and overcome whatever bugs related to notifier component

Thank you, great suggestion that I will definitely try in my app, I did not know this extension. So I solve my problem and discover something new, even if I have to go and look for all the notifier.shows inserted in my current app (it’s very big). However, he hoped that this report will be taken into consideration and checked by the developers.
Thanks again.

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I have the same problem, with andorid 11 in the same example that you used, it happens to me in the same way the background of the pupop is blank and if its white text does not see anything and it only happens in android 11, is there a solution? apart from using another type of notifiers extension?

checked, the dark mode example happens the same way as you.

Hi, I think we have to wait for the next update, hoping that it has been noted by the developers. It would be interesting to try with official ai2 to see if the problem comes from the source. I am currently using an alternative extension, if it will resolve I will consider whether to go back to the classic notifier.

I think I will try the alternative extension, thanks, wait for the update

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yea, i got the same problem too like you

Hello, I also had this problem. Before the update from version 1.5.2 it was working on Android 11 normal. After this version, it started to work only when running at design time but when installing the apk it didn’t work. Today, after upgrading to version 1.5.3, it doesn’t work neither at design time nor with apk installed. Let’s wait…


Same problem here when my phone was updated to Android 12. No changes in the app, but the notifications background turned white so the notifications can’t be seen because the text is also white.

Nobody has a solution for this. :pensive: