Problem on my kodular application - mix of components?


I have a strange comportment of Kodular and trying to fix it.
My application was running well since weeks, it evolves over time, but these last days it freezes at start and I can’t find why.
But looking at my code, I found that there are blocks for components that I can’t find in the designer. Putting new blocks, I can still select these components that don’t ever exist. I suspect this could be the problem.
I could easily detect this as I rename all of the components on my app, and now I get some blocks which refer to label15 for example, or other blocks which refer to bad component (for ex. I have a button to center the map, and it is assigned to a block dealing with BLE…).
Do you think there could be some kind of mix and match in my program ?

Thanks for your help

Post your aia here so some one can give it a look