Problem regarding Download problem In webviewer

iam creating an App For My Students For the School Purpose

I have created it by web viewer
when I click download Option In pdf File in My app
the file is not Downloading
notification shows Download Unsuccessful
Please help me What’s wrong With me

here are my blocks
Screenshot 2021-10-03 192818

I ll Check And Reply You

Not Downloading any files
it Just Shows Download Started Notice and not downloading

What is your download url ?

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What to be set as download url??

I want to download pdf from my app
In that app it is created using webviewer

U need to use this variable block

Where i want to use


I Have used But it doesnot downloads
only shows Downloding notice and fill is not downloaded
here is the notification window

Try it as @pkalyan said and if it doesn’t work then record your screen and share here

Is there Anything to Change here
Screenshot 2021-10-04 081127

see the above screenshot i have shared

Yes u have shared I can see it but is it possible for you to share aia file

no Because it is my Institutions Project

what is the download url i have to set in download 1 properties

No no you don’t need to do that
Because you are doing that in blocks area

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Please Help Me to Solve This Problem

Ohk tell me how I can help you

Show your blocks