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Hello friends, I need help with saving a file, I need to save a file in .csv and then recover it to be able to send it by email, I was looking for information about it but I could not find anything, the problem is that once saved I can not find the file, in I don’t really know if he saves it. Could someone tell me what to do? Thanks

Check on directory


Test on Android 10

I have Android 11, and it is not possible to access that directory, I can only access up to storage / emulated / 0 / android / data and this folder is empty and it tells me “access denied”.
How could I change the address where the file is saved?


Yes, on Android 11 the ASD is no longer visible on the device.
(Connect the device via USD with your computer and open the ASD from there.)

So I can’t retrieve the file to send it by email? Will I only be able to see it from the app?

Why don’t you try it yourself?

sorry, I didn’t know what the ‘sharing’ function was, I don’t speak much English :sweat_smile:

FileSave only work in EFile file:///storage....

Kodular FileSave not work, or share)
blocks (45)


You forgot to add a screenshot of your relevant blocks… also which Android version are you using for your tests?


Work only Efile

Android11, Read or Save file in sdcard not work, saved only in ASD
blocks (48)_cr

Even with EFile under targetSdkVersion = 30, it will no longer be possible to save a text (file) in the external storage (outside the ASD) (but possibly in the shared storage).

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