Problem with admob violation

Hello devs

Recently my app was accused of an admob / adsense violation, I contacted support looking for more information about, they responded to me saying my app pops this message, I would like to know how to fix it, thanks!

Request the approval on Kodular Account -> AdMob Panel

already request approval, they say my app is in playstore I don’t need their permission …

However, it is advisable to do so, since, for example, services like Firebase Testlab directly use an APK

But you can’t request it if your app is in the playstore.

But it only applies if it was installed FROM Play Store

(Sorry for the Caps Letters)

freeze everyone! @leoszsouza14 can you share the full screenshot of the email in which we can see the sender and receiver too, as i never see “Google” explaining in that much personalised way:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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What would that do? I don’t have to do a fake post.

If any of the adm ask me I send in inbox

I summarize it?

With more details there are higher chances of offering a successful solution

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I think its a fake post … google wale itne wele hain kiya ??

post in English only…

That message can pop up when you deny permissions, even if it’s downloaded from google play


Do you have any solution for this?

if you think it’s a fake post just disregard it … don’t waste your time

The only thing I can think of then is, if permissions are not granted then your app shouldn’t proceed