Problem with changing pictures

Hi guys,

I’m new here and trying to understand how kodular works.

For example, I have three pictures and I want them to change every time when timer timer. I tried to use these blocks because they are perfectly working in the MIT App Inventor, but it’s not working. Can you please advise me, how to do it here?
blocks (1) blocks (2) blocks

Your Blocks are correct this will work and what is timer interval have you set in designer property and is timer always fire is enabled

Thank you for your ansver. I was perfectly sure it will be working, but somehow it doesn’t work. When I try to run companion, it’s not showing any pictures. Yes, timer always fire is enabled. Timer interval is 1s. I thought maybe the problem could be in the size of pictures, it’s only 300x600px for now and I want them to fill the space.
Or could be the problem that the image is placed in horizontal arrangement and not in the screen1 directly? But that doesn’t make sense, why it should be a problem. The horizontal arrangement is set as visible.

Also I realized another difference between Kodular and App Inventor. I would like set the background color of screen1 as black and background color of horizontal arrangement as none so it could be transparent, but it looks like this is not possible and I always have to choose some color, because there is default option of some light color.

EDIT: okay, I found the problem. I placed the image into the Horizontal arrangement. When I deleted the image and instead used the Horizontal arrangement for showing those pictures, everything was suddenly ok.