Problem with data sent to Airtable

Hi all !

First of all, I thank @Still-learning once again for all the help he gave me!

But here we are at an impasse. I have a personal application project (it will not be on the play store, it is only used to track my working hours), and I use Airtable to store data.

Where the problem is is that all the data I need to store is in a list, and that list gets sent to Airtable. But once the data is created in Airtable, the text is cut.

This is not coming from the variable as I added a label to check the content, and it displays fine. Here are two screenshots to understand:

Here, the full text that comes directly from the variable, it works fine.

Here, what is sent to Airtable, where we can see that the text is not complete, it is cut with “…”:

I created an aia test to see if it was from Airtable, reproducing the same system for sending and retrieving data, and everything works fine, I don’t have a cut text issue.

Has anyone ever had this problem? Anyone have any idea what this is coming from and could help me solve this little problem?

@Still-learning advised me to change the database and go through GoogleSheet, but it seems more complicated to me and I admit that I don’t really want to start from 0 to redo my whole project :’( If please help me find the solution! Thank you all!

Post a screenshot of the blocks you use to you sent list to airtable

And it’s the MasterData variable that’s causing the problem

Try this way. Join List using separator and then when data received use list from csv row text

Okay, so already by adding the “join elements with separator” block it no longer cuts my text, thank you!

On the other hand, for the display, I do not understand how to proceed, because to recover the data, it goes like this:

And I don’t know where to insert the “list from csv row” block

I found an alternative, I use the character replacement block, and it seems to work. I’ll do some testing to be sure, thank you!

Thank you @dora_paz :v:t2:

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Instead of using replace blocks you can do it like this

But where do I hang this block?

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