Problem with eagle

I also found no way to export my keystore

But I don’t want the SHA-1, I want to export the regular keystore

colintree listview is not showing images from url after update

Hi @simone_sergi !

I see the web viewer component fine in the “Indormazioni” screen. (It is showing the Twitter feed).
Can you share a screenshot of how you expect it to be and how it is ?

Can you share what components you use in the new screen ?
It would also be very much helpful if you could share the relevant blocks.

Thanks !

same with card vie extension see post:

but another similar extension custom lisview is showing them.

its working fine as it was before

No, It is’t

Go to Account (at top right) » Settings » Export Keystore.

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But it still exports the SHA-1, I want to export the regular keystore

no, it will export the file “android.keystore”


What is a regular keystore?! :thinking:

Ok thank you.
But then how can the SHA-1 be exported?

@Point When you export keystore, it exports as android.keystore file. Is not it enough to sign your app?

SHA-1 is already exists in your keystore.

Ok thank you.

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This fisrt

This After

For the second question, the problem Is a Little bit strange because the First and the second Button open the same screen.
If i Press the First Button It works.
If i Press Also the second Button the App Crash.
In the screen that the Buttons open i use text box and a list picker with images.
For the block i use JSON extension and other Classic blocks. Tonight i write it

this is the block

and the component