Problem with getting item on data changed firebase

hello everyone, I just tried chat view, I’m having a problem updating chat, where the error below appears, you can see my block and error
blocks (30)

The error message is very clear. Your list only contains 3 items, but you are trying to retrieve the 4th which doesn’t exist. In future please read the error messages and try to fix the problem yourself before creating a topic.

yes I know that the error appears because of a lack of items but, here is not the topic, but this happens after the data changed in firebase, because in firebase it is clear that the amount of data is moderate, right this error appears even though the number of data is clearly 4 in firebase

Show the Firebase structure

Your error message says otherwise. If you want to dispute this then please find out which list is throwing up the error and how many items are in it, then use Do It and post a screenshot of the results.

I’ve found the problem, it just takes time to get web again, because I saw get web acting when the data in firebase is incomplete, thanks for those of you who have answered this topic, you can delete this topic because it doesn’t seem to have any effect on other people

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