Problem with google play console

hello, as of today i have a problem in the google play console, the problem is that i have a lot of downloads in the hour view, but very few in the 7 day view. the mistake is only from today. the app has been online for 6 months. does someone have a problem with google play console, wanted to ask out of curiosity?

Why not ask this in Google community


thanks for the tip, I asked because I’m very familiar here. and there are many who have also uploaded the app.

I don’t see the real problem you try to create.
So what is the real problem with that download etc

hello you uploaded an app to google play

I have so many app in more than two Google Play Consoles I am not new to this

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do you just have error in numbers for Downloads?

Show screenshots.

no I don’t

funny reported it to Google. because I already have over 33 downloads in one hour, then I can’t have only 33 downloads over a day.

and I still have a display error with the hours. they are mixed. one who is at 10 and the next Dan 15 and the other Dan again another. actually everything is in order

May @bodymindpower do you get this man’s point from my end I don’t understand what he is talking

I think it’s too complicated for you, I already reported it to Google. my question is quite simple. do you have problems with the google play console with the downloads statistics? . or is everything with you as always. I don’t want to know more to find out whether the fault is only with me or with many.

LGTM, where is the problem?
Post in German under the English text in brackets. Maybe you can explain it better in your mother tongue. (I don’t see any problems.)

(Poste mal zusätzlich auf Deutsch unter den englischen Text in Klammern. Vielleicht kannst du es in deiner Muttersprache besser erklären. Ich sehe keine Probleme.)

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Mein Problem ist das ich eine app in play store habe. Seit heute hat der bereich der Neue installationen einen feheler. ich kann das Diagramm auf stündlich oder täglich einstellen. wenn ich es auf stündlich einstelle habe ich im durchschnitt über 30 downloads . wie kann des sein wenn ich es auf täglich um stelle das ich nur 33 neue installtionen habe. und diesen feheler habe ich seid heute. gersten hat noch alles funtkioniert. meine frage ist zu diesem thema ob auch einer das selber problem hat.

My problem is that I have an app in the play store. As of today, the area of ​​new installations has had a problem. i can set the graph to hourly or daily. if i set it to hourly, i have an average of over 30 downloads. How can that be if I change it to daily that I only have 33 new installations. and I’ve had this mistake today. Gersten still worked fine. My question on this subject is whether someone has the problem himself.

The screenshots show hourly and weekly trends.
Where is the screenshot with daily?
Btw, everything is fine with these statistics for me.

the first is daily and the second hourly. both have the same period

Ah ok. But where do you see only 33 new installations?

the last value that is at the bottom. otherwise I have 400-600 installations