Problem with image editor

I use image editor with filter function and set the red to 50 and it works, but when I try setting back red to 1 it didn’t work. But I can still increase more than. 50. What I meant is that I can’t set the image back to normal.

Sorry for bad English. Please check the apk,

Because you put filter to an image which is already filtered (when you apply red50 to it).
Try to save the original image too and when user put filter to original image, it will work.


I show the image editor like PicsArt are working perfectly, thanks. I will make it reset when user decrease the amount?

Yes, I mean that. And don’t forget to restore image when user increase the amount too.


Let’s see if staffs can do something, else. I will use the reset thing even if it is annoying p.s it’s the same thing for brightness and contrast.