Problem with image loading

Hello, from my previous discussion I told you I am using airtable for my development. I noticed something I installed the app on my tab and the app is working fine each time I uploaded an image and a text to be shown on a cardview it upload successfully showing the image and text clarely then I tried it with my new itel version 8.1 the text was the only one showing images are not showing, so I tried to upload another image using the itel phone the image and text were showing correctly then I opened the app on my tab lo and behold the image were not showing only text were showing. Please what could be the possible solution to my problem because this is also affecting other users.

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According to your statement it seems like a bug. May be kodular already know this & i hope this bug will be resolved on Next update…

Hi, can you send the app to test this problem?

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I hope so too.