Problem.with kodular support email

I am trying to contact with kodular support but Gmail give me this error:

TLS Negotiation failed, certificate invalid: SSL [Leaf certificate is expired]

I have looked for in this community and I have found this answer from @Peter .

But the problem continues. Do you know any solution, please?

Thank you

No this is something the devs have to fix. They are aware of the problem.

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Thanks, @Peter. How can I contact support until this problem will be solved? Is there another email address?

There is no other mailadress. You can ask your question here or on the discord server.

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Ok. Hi, my problem is the following, that’s why I wanted to contact support.

I have an app that has been waiting for approval to show ads for weeks and I get this annoying message: “This app has not been approved to show ads. please go to my kodular and submit your request” (image in Spanish attached).

And I can not request another approval for other app because I have one pending to approve.

How could I solve this issue? As I tell you in the before post I can not contact kodular support.