Problem with list, foreach and SQlite

I’m trying to add a list of items that are the result of a select via SQLite, but an invalid arguments error appears. Have you tried using the shape of the image below? Below are two images, one of the code blocks and another with the designer.
I need to do it this way because I want to define what will appear inside the ‘listview’ for future modifications. For example, if I do a ‘select’ and return me 3 columns name, type and quantity, but I want the list to include only name and quantity.

I suggest you try searching the developer 2.0 on YouTube

is your channel in youtube?

No :confused::confused::confused::confused: I don’t have one

I ajusted some blocks, but the result have ‘’.

It seems that there is a bug in for each component.
Because I get data from firebase but it gets data two or three times.
I mean that there are two values to show and it shows six values tripling data.