Problem with more than one IF conditions

in my app want to show user that they selected some items . then they want you buy it so the cart screen were buit for it as per that i want to show my user selected items there on cart screen. i tried it buy using more than one if (when one item selected the user can see that product one there )but the problem is that the first if were only works(one product only can be able to see for user),please help mee

Welcome to the community. Please show your blocks


when an value is got
the layout want to view
its happening but the first if value was only working and able to see

please relpy

Please also post the blocks which operates on adding item in the cart.
suggestion : using boolean(true and false) to store data in tinydb is better

Just be patient.

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From my understanding, I’ll suggest you to add user selected items in one list instead of different list.

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this is the problem
when the tiny tb value got first if is only working
other were not’s work
which mean first if is only working actually

are you there

i cant understand
please view my app video and reply me

no one is there to help me

Please show image of ALL of your blocks so I can see what is the error.

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this is cart screen

Are these both the same? “” is not the same as " ". Check that.
Also, you send a " " to the price if the tag is not there. Isn’t that supposed to be 0?

ya when the tag is empty the label is going to be 0

Overall the whole thing looks cumbersome and full of unnecessary processes. You should rethink the cart blocks to something more optimized and easier to maintain.
Why don’t you use dictionaries or lists to store the cart content?

i only want that
when one tag got the layout want to visible and tag data want to visible there
but its happended for first if only

Send the aia.