Problem with my app

so i have bought an app
the idea is i have an admin app and a main app
the admin app posts news updates to airtable and the main app displays them.

all was fine and working well, suddenly i tried using the admin app today and it keeps crashing
everything seems to be working fine in the code without errors, but the admin app just keeps crashing
edit: i have contacted the original dev and he said to post here

this is the admin apk
admin_ts.apk (6.7 MB)
this is the Aia
admin_ts.aia (123.0 KB)

Image Picker Component’s Text Field Property is empty in designer section.

Fill it with spacebar or any text.

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Done but still crashing

Try removing load html block of Webviewer

I suppose it is Webviewer load html block which is leading to the next crash issue on initialize :face_with_monocle:

Try using Custom Webview Extension

Simply use

No crash

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