Problem with picking audio file

Hello community, l have faced a problem of picking an audio file from Sdcard .
The problem is when i pick audio file by audio picker from SDcard it give me an alert of Error
But when i transfer it to internal storage and pick it works well .
So i need any one to solve my problem ,and i will be thankful to him .

which error exactly?

this looks like the audio picker is not able to pick files from the external (removable) sdcard…
you might want to try the SAF extension


It is possible to pick audio files from the removable SDcard, as you can see here:

This message appears when l pick audio from sdcard.

What happens if you

  1. try to pick a file, which does not have spaces in the name?
  2. try to replace the spaces by %20


Unfortunately, i have done as you said but it dosn’t work .

Unfortunately you forgot to provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks

this my block

Show Blocks for Pick Audio
Like the Whole Blocks Page

The TaifunPlayer needs a full path to access the removable SDcard, e.g .:
file:///storage/9C33-6BBD/Music/Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here.mp3

Only an absolute path is required for access to the ASD and the other external storage, e.g.:
But the full path works as well. So use always a full path.

For more details, see also here.


It works,thank you very much .

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