Problem with screen imported

i imported a screen in my project but it gives me error it does not make me modify and generate apk. How can I delete it as it won’t let me do that. There is a solution?

To import a screen safely, you can follow:

  1. Copy all your blocks from old project in backpack and delete them.
  2. Remove any extension, Google product or Dynamic storage such as Airtable.
  3. Now you can export that screen safely.
  4. Import the screen, Drag the components and/or extensions you’ve deleted in old project.
  5. Paste blocks from your backpack.

I’ve been using this method for a quite long. You can also give it a try.

My suggestion…

Download the project as aia file.

Open with 7zip

Go to the folder

There you can find all the screen names within your username(kodular AC) folder…

Delete the things and upload it to your creator page. Simple…

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@verbatim814 what error are you getting please send images. I will help you solve

worked for me thanks