Problem with Sound Sensor

Hello everyone!

I have got troubles with Sound Sensor in my app. I want to launch Speech Recognizer after reaching a certain value (see my block of code below). My microphone is enabled and Sound Sensor set to listen. However, Speech Recognizer is never called.

I also tried to set the value or amplitude to text block so I can see the values, but it never changes. I guess it isn’t working at all. I also saw a few topics with this problem, however, this issue wasn’t resolved yet. Please, can you help me to solve my problem?

Thank you!

sound sensor


You can do this -

blocks (9)


I think it requires permission to use the microphone so check whether the permission has been granted or not by the user


Yes, you have to allow the permission. When I tried the app it didn’t ask for permission so you can put these blocks -

blocks (10)


Yes, this is a bug. → @Kodular
The permission RECORD_AUDIO is not automatically requested.
You need to ask for it manually (this way):




This is the only permission that has this bug or there are more like it?

Yes, this is the only (dangerous) permission that is requested by the Sound_Sensor component.

Ok, but I am asking that whether this is the only permission in the many permissions asked by different components that has this bug of not automatically requesting permission?

Thank you so much, you helped me a lot!
Now it works perfectly.

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