Problem with texting component

I am attempting to send a text message. I have created what I think HAS to be the simplest possible app. The phone number below is fake, but I have tried it with and without the parentheses, dashes, “1” prefix, etc… As a number and as text. US ten digit number.
My android device has Google Voice. From the google voice app, I can send messages, no problem. GV seems to insert a space after the parenthesis. The documentation says no spaces, but I have tried with and without.
When it first connects, I get a “Finished Authentication” popup.

No message ever received by a couple numbers. I get no run time errors–the text to speech is just to assure it got through.

Right now, I don’t care about receiving texts, if I enable “3” I get a “permission error”

I am good at dumb mistakes, I guess this must be one. Appreciate any help/thoughts

what do you want to tell please tell in simple words ?

Why is not the message being sent?

This will be helpful go and checkout :----


It works,I think, but my objective is to send messages with information from my application. This opens Whatsapp, for instance, but I want to send an automated message.

I don’t think this gets me there.

Thanks, again.

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@Richard_Mcclellan This extension might help you to send automated message :slightly_smiling_face::point_down:

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I will give it a try. Thanks in advance.

I will search and if I get something then i will share it.

Thanks for the help. I am having a problem getting Whatsapp and Google Voice to play nicely on the device I wish to use. A wifi only tablet. But, that is not a topic for here.
I have your extension working on other devices. Not with GV. But, it requires hitting send in Whatsapp. I am trying to send a message without user intervention. I have found other threads that indicate that isn’t possible through whatsapp.
I cannot find any hints as to simple use of the texting component doesn’t work.
Appreciate your help, again.
Also, thanks to Anu_Rocks.

Call automatic button click simple You can find this in button block to click button automatically and make your button invisible

You cannot send message in Whatsapp without user’s permission.
You can just get the automated message there !!

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Thanks for the help. It appears that what I want to do isn’t easily accomplished. I can understand why Whatsapp doesn’t want people sending automated text messages. Which is what I want to do. I am building a control system controlled by a kodular app, and I need to send messages from time to time notifying various information. Launching Whatsapp just doesn’t accomplish it.

I am shelving this part of the app for now. I may give email notification a try.

Thanks again. I am an embedded/controls engineer. I really appreciate the help I have received from you and Aditya. People who know what they are doing.

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Final question on this thread–from me, at least. Has anyone successfully used the built in texting component? Does it work?

99 percent of the time I have something not work, it is my fault. But, I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Does it work?


Thanks we all are here to help eachother only :blush::blush:

Do you mean this

If yes till not used I am using this component to share message or anything

Thanks for the suggestion. I have quite banging my head against this wall for a little while. Spending time on things I can make work.
I will give “sharing” a try and let you know how it goes.

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Thanks :blush::blush: If you get any kind of error I am ready to help you .You can message me anytime

hi Good day!
can i set the sms to auto send?

Yes You can easily just by using clock component