Probleme with textbox search

hi can someone help me solve my problem which as follows
clicking on the textbox searches for the choose product does not send it to the exact web page address of this product
I send you the screenshots of my project thank you very match for helping me

Your second image is not clear. Make sure. How many values you are sending to next screen. If multiple values mean you need to use the url alone from the get value by using select list item list with proper index number

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Thank you for the quick response.
I use URL for each product that opens the site of the chosen product image airtable
for the second photo I send you several zooms

There’s nothing wrong with searching. Just an incorrect index of the lookup list item.

To get index after seacrh use block index in list thing
Sample block like this :point_up_2:

thank you for your reply.
I did what you asked me to do but it doesn’t work I send you the picture.

Why did leave this place empty


Remove that index is in list block and use get number alone because already you got the number by matching the text box text with global products…

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Hi ma liste de recherche ne fonctionne pas désormais mon projet ne va pas aboutir je vous envoie image de mon telephone

merci pour la reponse

what language is this? please use english if not your post will be flagged

try like this,


Try this aia. Its sample to search item in list and return index of list in serach result
search_item.aia (37.3 KB)
You can learn from this project to improve in yours

I’m sorry i think I hit the translate extension of google chrome

Hi sugarlesscreator
my textbox search does not send the exact web page of the exact product the filter places the chosen product in line 1 so the url of the product in line 1 before running the filter.

produits.aia (56.8 KB)

I say its just exsample to get index of list.

btw after i saw your project. I added some blocks to get the index of the list of search results.
This is it


produits.aia (57.3 KB)

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je vous remercie pour l’aide que vous m’avez donner
le filtre marche très bien
mais la sélection sans le filtre bloque
voici l’image

thank you for the help you gave me
the filter works very well
but the selection without filter blocks

Use if then block
Like this


Or other conditions according to your project requirements.

You Wrote Problem wrong

thank you very much for your precious help
one last question can I move notifier :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t understand what you mean

I can delete notifier from screen1

Uploading: 2021-06-04_140439notifier.png…]()