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In my app I have at the same time two characters that access their data differently. The entries (fields) are different as well as the access. Access is made by CPF without a password.
That way I registered one of them by creating two Tags: Client Access List and the other that I haven’t created yet would be Professional Access List. Inside the Client Access List Tag I have another Tag which is CPF.
Over time, this Customer will have to update their data. Create a routine so that he puts the CPF and when clicking on search brings the data in the respective fields to be changed, however, the return I have is Not Found.
I’ll put what I did here.


Did you set project bucket or firebase url properly?

Yes both the project bucket and the URL. Is it the fact that there are two Tags?

all the above blocks are just to save in the firebase. But to edit teh saved value still you didnt add anything to get value from firebase.

“You haven’t added anything to get firebase value yet?” I did not understand. But how do I do it?

So, before I had done this save through line, placing only the CPF Tag to save the data. In the edition, my Get Valeu (firebase) put the text to fetch cpf and in got value I did tag and value validations. When running it brought the data. I don’t know why this method doesn’t work there. As I said, I have two characters and I wanted to categorize this in the bank.

Where is the blocks to bring the data from firebase to app in the respective fields?

Sorry guys, I hang up on the weekend.
So, as I had replied, I did it differently. I created a tag with CPF and looked for the information normally. My question is how I have two registration screens (Client1 and Client 2) with their respective functionalities within the same app, typing the CPF will the system recognize who enters one screen or another?
Note: actually in Firebase I would like to save like this: list_de_client1 >>>CPF and client data1 and list_de_cliente2 with client2 data even if it was online, however, whenever I put the cpf in the search it says: client not found.

Here are the Save and Edit blocks:

In the edit blocks, you have set blocks if lust is empty, it mean you should use the remaining blocks only in else block but you did it out of that block

I’m really sorry I was wrong. Correction made. Now what’s the difference from the previous Save and Edit blocks to this one?

In simple, It is not well defined… also in save block also this part should have to go to true side. if not without saving the value app will redirect to next screen. Always confimr from your side, that app next step is in favour of TRUE side…


So guys I asked what’s the difference from the first save and edit code I put to this one now? Why can I edit the second one and not the first one?

I hope your procedures are correct it seems, but the fact is, for editing you are calling the firebase values into the labels or text boxes?

As I’m starting now how would I do, would I have a suggestion?

This is label or text box?

This is a textbox

Then definitely you can edit the value, if you get the value from firebase. no issue. Are you getting the values from firebase to the text box or not?

No, because every time I type the CPF, the textbox appears with the message not found

See what i have tried, I hope either your project bucket or procedure somewhere missing…
I have tried with simple manner and got succeed. pls see to that and try to understand the logical seq.


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What’s in here is double quotes or single quotes?

while retrieving, i get it so to avoid the quote i used…

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