Problems having data in label and in global variables

Hello guys;

in my project I get a value from the database and put it in a label and it can actually be seen (so far so good), I want to use the value of the label I want to pass it to the “header title” of a side menu , (here is the problem) the problem is that it does not take the value that I bring from the firebase, if not the value that the label has in text. I mean “Text for Label1”. What can I do, because if I put the data that I bring from the firebase in a global variable and it starts in empty text, the value that the “Header title” of the side menu takes is “” (empty).

kodular community help.

creator kodular:

the same appears in the app in apk and in companion…

Save the firebase data to variables, then, from the variables, set up all the information to the components. Also, check out that you are calling the firebase data BEFORE you set up the components properties.

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