Problems retrieving a text on a spreadsheet

Everything, I have a problem when going to take a text in the form of story text, where this text has a space or paragraph separator like a story, when I try to take the text there is an error, as in the block below
Screenshot 2022-05-19 150421
and below is my block and also the certia text that has a space to separate paragraphs, you must understand the concept of a story that has a paragraph in the form of a space

blocks (16)

Use Do it on global episode to debug your blocks

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Use length of the list with this variable. You will come to know total list item, and use select list item list with index 1 and get its length to make sure your work is correct .

I mean, get first item from list and get its length

I don’t understand what you mean

See your error, it says there is only one item in the global variable.

As per your logic you want to show only first 30 letters from each list. So I ask you to check one by one.

  1. Check how many items are there in the list
  2. And count the length of the item

it seems that you should see this screenshot, I said that this is the text of the story, the name of the story must have a lot of text length and is also separated by spaces such as

Ini. if you see there is free space above this text, that’s what the story text is experiencing errors, because somehow in this space block gives an empety string error

Use split text at space and then get data from this spiltted text

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I’ve decided to use the web part to retrieve the txt file from google drive and then display it, but the way you also succeeded, thank you for helping

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