Problems starting as beginner

I am a beginner kodder and having too many problems.
First of all
My admob account has been banned-and whenever i create another account it gets banned automatically
Second- I am under 18 age
Third-I don’t have a google play console
Fourth- After several attempts my admob account isn’t being unbanned
what new advertising provider should i use??as facebook and amazon banner and interstitial are not properly working

If someone can help me with these I would really appreciate

This :point_up: : may have happened due to your mistake. So no one here can help you in this case. Talk with Admob and see if your problem solves

This :point_up:, I believe is not any problem :smile:

You can get one, provided, after getting, don’t break any rules or else then it will create a problem.

I wonder If they would lift the ban.

You already got the answer for this here :point_down:

Hope I was able to answer your problems pretty well :slight_smile:

It’s an option!

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My admob account has been banned several times I have done everything correctly but still I have tried to fill the forms to unban my account but still nothing happened.
Does anyone knows that how to contact Google Admob support any livechat,email support or toll free contact number.