Problems With Dynamic Buttons

(Rakshak Manchanda) #1

Hey Koders,

I m Facing The Problem As i wanna to Delete The Dynamic Buttons and Add another buttons (Here i m Actually Refreshing the values from server and instead of Refreshing i m facing the problem of button with same ID and Text Added Multiple Times.) .
Even if i add Button Again With Same ID, i didn’t Give any Error and Create an Another Button.

Key Problem : Their is no option in Dynamic Buttons to delete button that I have created dynamically with its ID.

– Even if I use same ID to create one more buuton, It don’t give error rather it create a duplicate

I hope that @Diego will look at these minor problems and fix it in next update if possible. :wink:


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(DjJohn) #2

Please don’t tag user on your first post…
And for better solution it would be helpful to elaborate your issue with some blocks aia and sometime that help us know the issue

(Rakshak Manchanda) #3

I had fully Elobrated, if he will read carefully u will understand better :wink:.
EDIT : I have added some more info.

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(DjJohn) #4

I think perhaps you made some mistakes on blocks…

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(Rakshak Manchanda) #5

Why are u kidding :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

I m saying that their is no block available for that purpose and requesting to add it and u r saying that Blocks are wrong.

(Ken) #6

Delete Button was just added:

(Saeed171abbas) #7
  1. Sir There Is A Big Bug In Kodular 1.3B.4… Package Name not Change In Any App After Installing The Package Name Not Change…
  2. I Put My Custom Package Name In Kodular In My App But After Export Package Name Changed To Default Package Name : Like That
  3. Please Sir Fix It Fast I unable To Update My App In Play Store…
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(Rakshak Manchanda) #8

Thanks a lot for informing!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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(tomer) #9

You can also add a label (Dynamic Label) deletion option
And a text box (Dynamic TextBox)?

(Ken) #10

@saeed171abbas & @1114,

I was just sharing the post with the info on the new update.
I’m just a member of the community and not staff.

(tomer) #11

Yes, I did not know how to remove it:sweat_smile:

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