Problems with List

Hello All,

i have a List like “AllData” and try to display it like on the Screenshot.

Is this Possible to do that? I Try to find something similar but with no result.

If its Possible, can u maybe give me a hint or some blocks how to do that?


Possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

You should hire someone if you want ready to use solutions, instead of asking for free.

*Pro Hint : There is a search button on the top right hand!

Heres My Real Code, i receive the Data from a Spreadsheet.

I will ask now, if i get the same Date more then 1 time, i will show only 1 Date and below it the Datas with the same Date, like in Post #1.

This ist now what i get, the List view and Text is only for testing, later i will put this in dynamic component.

Can you share us your spreadsheet screenshot?

Heres my Google Sheet

Use a sql statement to receive data only once