Product changing app

Trying to create an app for online product exchange. Example: I have a book and looking to exchange with others book(s) that I am interested in.
Below are a few use-cases to be done:
User standard sign-in/up/out with general and google/Facebook
Add/delete/update a product - Simplify an adding a product experience, the customer will take a pic and an opportunity to select the product category, name, suggested price, etc
Set product for an exchange
Search products for exchange
List and map the near by-products
Feature to select one to many products from others/searched: example: I can swap my mobile for a book, pen and coffee cup of others.

Finally, the transaction screen with a summary of the product exchange and contacts to reach the other person.
List all my products and completed exchange transactions transactions

Consider bottom nav and DB as firebase.

What made you done so far?
BTW, if you want to hire a devoloper to make it for you change the category to #marketplace:request

Do you have any query regarding the app you just outlined? If you are having a difficulty, it would be useful to mention what you have tried till now.

If you want to have someone else make such an app for you, please edit your post to be in the #marketplace:request category. :slight_smile: