Production UI interface

How to make this UI interface?


Sorry, I have try forum search questions and answers,but still can’t find.

I think he means FAB

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yeah, can FAB have border in MIT?

Yes, it can be done in Makeroid, but for that you’ll have to create a custom icon with a border around it (of course with transparent background) and set it as the FAB’s icon.

FAB has BUG,When FAB visible = false,The buttons under FAB can’t be clicked.


If you can fix FAB’s BUG, I can make what I want.

Please dont demand things, and you wont get what you want. In order to make the FAB invisible, use the block… That should work.

It seems that you are misunderstanding, I just hope that Makeroid can fix the FAB error.

No I’m not “misunderstanding”, I understand that there is a Visible Bug with the FAB. You can use the .visible block on the FAB to change the visibility as a temp fix.

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