Professional Kodular Developer Is needed for specific task

Professional Kodular Developer Is needed for specific task

Task details :

1- develop file uploader in kodular that accept any type of extensions and can be limited to specific types.

2- the uploaded file must be uploaded without using any of these

[ firebase , FTP , cloudinary , airtable ]

3- the uploaded file can be uploaded only to any normal cloud storage or dropbox or google drive.

APK for testing it must be provided in advance to try it.

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And what amount do you intend to pay?


Then you need app as frontend and backend on server rather than this

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Dear Manager,

I have gone through your job requirement,I have 8 years’ experience in Software development industry. I have done lots of project in lots of technology like PHP, .NET MVC, JAVA, MOBILE PLATFORM LIKE ANDROID(Native,Hybrid(Ionic,Flutter,Kotlin,React Native)) and iOS. I had used IDE Tools for these technologies like: — Visual Studio, Visual code, Android Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans,React Native,

Database storage:-

On backend database storage I had used clients servers like, Amazon server. For security purpose SSl certificate can add on it. For accessing database need Api’s That Api’s can be in form of post and get methods. For security purpose we have to use POST Api’s with one token based like banking applications.


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