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Hi Guys!
Apart from the label and notifier, is there any other way of presenting information on your screen. Am working on an app that displays mathematical equations and i want them to appear for instance like this:

And not:
Y=c_1 x+c_2 x^3
because this is how it’s appearing.
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You could use a webviewer to display it the way you want. And don’t use usernames in a first post. I remove that.


Showing those data in HTML could be better idea…

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@peter @asimjib93 i really don’t understand what you mean, am still new to some stuff, can i see a screenshot of what you mean?

Use a Webviewer to show data in the way you want to. You can load those data inside Webviewer in HTML form. (Merged ideas of mine and @Peter)

Below is the text of a label when the html format is enabled. You can use sup and sub to make text lower and higher on the line, just like you want. It is call subscript and superscript.


Then you don’t even need a webviewer.




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@peter how about professional fraction

Maybe this could be useful to you:
Mathematical Equations


@FahadAhmad thanks

@FahadAhmad @asimjib93 @Peter the professional way of putting a fraction is not working
this is my block:
that’s how it was shown on the screen:

Here is the code for: dydx = c1 + 3c2x2

dydx = c<sub>1</sub> + 3c<sub>2</sub>x<sup>2</sup>

i want dy/dx like this:

dydx = c1 + 3c2x2

<sup>dy</sup>&frasl;<sub>dx</sub> = c<sub>1</sub> + 3c<sub>2</sub>x<sup>2</sup>

have you tried using the over code? it’s not working for me, this is also nice, but could that way(the last image i presented) still actually be presented.

Fractions are always displayed as <sup> and <sub> in HTML.

So are you saying it can’t be done that way?

Exactly. You got it right.

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Thanks for the help

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Pro tip: You can get the output you posted with HTML & CSS. <top> & <bottom> tags can be working with CSS.