Project export stuck at 100%

Yesterday I was implementing more content to my application and everything was working perfectly and today from morning to night I also spent it putting more content, and when I go to export it to apk from my computer or also QR, it stays only in " The file will be saved in the download folder "I left it loading for up to 30 minutes and nothing happens, help me please I don’t know what to do I’m already stressed from looking for information

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Apk limit is 32mb so how big are your assets, images, sounds etc…


Is seriously?? Here in kodular you can only make a 32 MB application ?? But even being that case, I don’t think that’s why, because I made a copy of my project and I eliminated an entire screen and I wanted to export it, but it still stays in that part of loading

What has screens with assets to do, start by removing big images, sounds etc

What a disappointment I got from kodular I really thought I could take more, or is there any method to exceed 32MB? Or do you know how much is the limit of android studio? I plan to take that course too

Try this

However, I still think you have oversized images both in px & mb…