Project site maximum 5mb

can’t saving my aia file to the computer it saying… “Build failed! Sorry, can’t package projects larger than 5MB. Yours is 5.7MB” So what to do?? help me please

Remove some media files or replace them with lower quality versions.

I’m sorry,
media files like ???

Images, fonts, videos, etc.

i don’t have anything like this in my app. My file size is 5.7MB only. And the limit is 5MB

Hmm, then your app must have like a lot of screens, a lot of blocks and a lot of components?

not too much screens but some Horizontal Arrangements and Vertical Arrangements… if i remove this the app will won’t run? that’s the main problem.

You can not build with the makeroid builder at the moment. Where are you building from?


@Peter has a very valid point. :laughing:

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why i can’t build?

You should read this: