[Project] Your Video Game Guide

A long time ago I wanted to create an App on Guides of Nintendo in which users could carry the guides of Video Games from different platforms of Nintendo. So it was that Guia Nintendo was born. I started manufacturing it in Mobincube, but over time they restricted monetization, which seemed absurd to me to continue supporting.

Remaining a final version like this. 20.apk (8.2 MB)

My idea was that the community would also collaborate towards App for mobile devices.

But I decided to leave it for a while. Until I met App Inventor and exploring the benefits offered by the different versions as well as the suppliers, I stayed in Appybuilder. I wanted to create a Wallpaper App but no module allowed me, and the connection with Firebase made the App experience slow and crashing.

I recently met Makeroid, now Kodular and I think it’s a good alternative, I already have my Appyinventor App and I’m working on it. But going back to the Guide, it gave me a great idea.

As the App is a collaboration with the community where they can collaborate their own guides, and App Inventor offers the alternative of importing and exporting both projects and screens. I would like to share a Templated of a Screen where you can add your guides and share it with me to add it to the Final App that I will be working on your platform. What do you think about the initiative? :slight_smile:

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