ProKoders Guide Newbies :)

I started using Kodular and I was literally having headache. Not able to understand.

How should a newbie start his
/her Kodular journey?

How to understand about each block and apply them?

What should be daily schedule for blocking?

Which database should i choose? I have knowledge about mysql and aws little.

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You should start by reading this.

Then you can start searching the community for questions you might have. Then you start experimenting with things.


This Playlist will help you get Started:


Get yourself used to the interface. Move stuff, try stuff, tinker. Connect your phone via the companion, and see in real time what changes to the properties of components does.

Pick a component that you want to explore. Make a project, add that component, and in the blocks editor, add it’s blocks one by one, slowly. Understand what a block is doing before adding the next block. You’ll end up learning a lot about the component and what can be done with it.

Work as much as you find enjoyable. Getting stressed? Take a break. Try to get a little done everyday, and eventually you’ll have accomplished something great.

I recommend Firebase Realtime database for most stuff, and Cloudinary for media files (photos, for example). You can get started with these for free.


But FireBase Is Not Secure In App Inventor Because Appinventor Runs When FireBase Rules Are As Public , Anyone Can Hack Data…

Is Any Secure Way To Store User Informations

You can set read write rules to grant access to specific paths, or even the UID path. Easiest thing to do is to grant access only if user is authenticated.

Can You Please Explain By Screen Short

  "rules": {
    ".read": "auth!=null",
    ".write": "auth!=null"

Learn more here:

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