Protect from Http capture

How protect our urls from http capture? Any perfect solution for this one?

Any suggestions?

You can’t. I need only 5 minutes to get the url, and I don’t need to unpack the app

Not perfect but a bit secure.
Use POST instead of GET.
Also be patient. If someone knows the answer or has useful information then he will share with you.

If use bindparam statement in php script, it will protect from sql injection. Is it prevent from this one?

Remember my suggestion from a few days ago. Protect content

It captures POST queries also.

Same problem happening with me.

use SSL/TLS to protect against mitm attacks

They can also encrypt it. See this

So what is the problem we are trying to solve here, are they able to see your content which your sending to your server and what you are getting in return?

If that so consider masking your data means having some encryption technique so that your actual data won’t be visible clear instead it will be some random strings which is difficult to understand.

Yes they can see all

Then protect your data in a was so that they only see return data something like:

Then they cannot make out what is this unless they have your secure encryption key.

I want to hide url. I am using also cloudflare in my website. It also not fixing it. Some one told me that use http authenication header in php. But I don’t know hot implement it in my php

I have used same script in another app. Also used same server and website. Its not capturing any query. Why this happens?

Few things to check for debugging:

  1. URL is correct?
  2. Necessary parameters are exactly matching without any spelling mistakes.

All are correct. I dont know why this happens… :pensive::pensive:

Give us more details: - you use 1 or more Scripts on the server - you use this canary app to test the security of your website - you POST and these posts are being captured - when you use the canary you can get all the data - you have an app that canary can’t get the post.

I used same script in another app. And tested by opening http canary app and minimizing it. Then opened new app then it not capturing any query. The old app remains same as it captured by http canary app