Pubg tournament app aia file free download

Description: This app is made in kodular and we can create a pubg tournament app with this aia file. The app name is jaypubg. The app has a simple splash screen and well design logo. The app can host the matches of the pubg tournament.


The app is completely dynamic and connected to airtable.

The app shows the number of participants in a match.

The app can accept all payments methods.

The app uses the paytm payment links to accept the payments.

The app has all require terms and conditions.

The app shows top winner.

It also shows the result of match.

It can shows the important announcement in app.

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Download aia file

Credit goes:

Please buy deep host paytm extension at 100 rs only.The aia not work without buy this extension.

How the extension work is shows in deep host video.

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Try this -

airtable link plz bro

AIA Link Broken.

This aia file is removed from our site and we have new aia file of the tournament which name is a war zone