PUBG UC App aia file with admin panel [PAID]

Hello guys ,

PUBG UC App aia file with admin panel for sale . There are lots of trending pubg uc app on playstore with huge audience of millions. So i created one of the most high quality pubg uc app on kodular. User interface is very high quality and it have lots of functions including distributing pubg uc via paytm.

To buy the aia file of this application kindly Direct Message me.

Platform : Kodular

Price : Rs 1800 ( for apk with your ads and database ) or $35 ( Less for students )
Rs 2800 ( aia file and apk ) $ 45


Sample APK :

Details of Application :

  1. You can add unlimited daily contest and lucky lifafa in the app.
  2. It has an Admin Panel from which you can add / remove lifafa and contests.
  3. Refer and Earn system is provided in the app to boost app downloads.
  4. High Quality Login system is provided in app connected with firebase.
  5. Firebase and airtable connected app . Fast and bugs free.
  6. Offerwall system provided in the app to earn from refer and ads.

Video :


Im thankful to kodular developers for providing such platform to develop aia files and apps.

Hitesh K. Yadav
Dafaq Developers


Rs 1800 = 25 dollars, you ask 35 dollars. Rs 2800 = 39 dollars, you ask 65 dollars. Why you have to pay so much more in Dollars? It sounds like a scam. I unlist this for the moment.


Hi, I just tried your app and I think it’s not bad, but it’s not an app of 45 dollars, too much for this app.

PS: This just my opinion, nobody can tell you how much you can sell it.

Thank you for the feedback.