Published app on playstore, keep opening the same screen

I published my app 4 days ago, when i downloaded it from playstore, it keeps opening the same screen repeating the animations on loop and i can’t click next.

Show your blocks on screen initialise

Did you used clock component and set when the clock timer open new screen ?

If so then,

Did you forgot to disable the timer ?

Did you unchecked timer always fires ?

this is my screen 1 blocks, it keeps refreshing and playing sign_up screen on loop

In when clock timer add set clock timer enabled to false and then open new screen.

Also if clock timer always fires is checked in designer properties, then unchecked it.

i am new to kodular design can you please show me how to do the block?


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Btw, what about first testing this out before releasing the app on the Play Store? :upside_down_face:

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i did that, but i had problems as i said i am new to creating apps and i am only using it to create an app for one of my university courses

i unchecked timer always fires and i did this… is it correct? thank you !

Yes !!! :slightly_smiling_face:

But may be you can close current then open a new screen

See the proper way to switch screens


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what is cad_pessoa screen? is it the second screen or screen 1?

It is just an example, place the name of the screen you wish to open

thank you all for the help, it works now