Publishing issue (location permissions)

please I need urgent support for below issue
I need to remove (location permissions) from my app

(You must remove the request for location permissions from your app if your target audience only includes children under the age of 13)

well, you app most probably needs location permission for a reason…
which components or extensions are you using?
are you using ads?

rather than modifying the manifest to remove that permission the better approach would be to remove the components or extensions which need that permission…


Have you used Google maps? If yes then remove it,

Adding @Soham_Shah,
Or have you used Webviewer component with location enable ?

here is an api suggest:

it would most probably work with google maps try and tell coz this works with thunkable

I use ads only in my app
no extensions
no Google maps
no Webviewer

try to remove the ads and check, if this solves the issue