Purchase in my app

Hello . I want the purchase in my application in the local currency, without Google intervention, and linking it to my bank account. How CAN I do this? Please help. I am a beginner.

Hello @MOHAMMED_Jaafer welcome to community.
Which country are you from? What payment system available at your country? What digital wallet available? Does that digital wallet offer API access?

if you want to publish in Google Play make sure to follow the Google t&c…


Thank you, sorry for being late in replying. I am from Sudan. In fact, the e-wallet system is not effective in my country. I do not think that Sudanese banks deal with e-wallets. What a dilemma, isn’t it? I ask you to help me.

Just to learn what’s going on in my mind. I want to sell in the local currency because international electronic payment cards are not widespread here, so I must go to the local currency or the local domain. E-wallets are not widespread either, but I can resort to them if I run out of options

Do you want to publish in Google Play?

ok just iwant solution

the solution depends on your answer


ok publish

then depending on what you are trying to sell you might have to use Google In App billing
you can use the billing component or one of the 3 available billing extensions…

read again

to find out, if you are allowed to use other payment systems