Push Notification Does not work after update the builder

hi all,
is there a problem with push notification component ?
i have an empty app and connected it with one signal but the app does not described yet
i waited for an hour
any one can help ?
there were not problems before yesterday ,but after the new update i cant describe any apps

There was absolut no update on that component

but what it does not work !?
could you please help !

Help is possible if you post images of block nand how you setup

i made as this video
eveything were working for my main app until yesterday ,so that i tried to make a test app just empty screen with push nitification and when setup it in one signal it could not be described and i do not why

the result

:roll_eyes: :pensive:

Are you from Egypt? If so OneSignal Blocked in Egypt · Issue #562 · OneSignal/OneSignal-Cordova-SDK · GitHub

everything was OK until yesterday :pensive:
and what is the solution !

one signal is blocked from my country “Egypt” unless using VPN
when i open https://onesignal.com/ it does not open
but https://app.onesignal.com/ is working great
thanks to @Hassan told me the problem so after searching i found this page

if it possible in kodular to Switch to api.onesignal.com !
thanks for your time

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