Push notification not work

i want to send notification from my mobile app not from oneSignal account.
i use send notification block but it give me error opend=0 and error in id
and notification not send.
how can I use it ?

@Ahmed_Ragab Welcome, show what you have tried.
There are many topics related to push notifications you must search before creating a post.

This guide may help you.
How to send "Notifications" using "Push Notification Component"

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He mentioned he doesn’t want to use to onesignal for notifications

Welcome to the community

You should share the blocks whatever you have tried till now

How to ask a question?

And if you use the notification component then you can send notification only to the phone through which you are triggering the notification but if you use onesignal component then you can send notifications to all those phones you have installed the app

please hide your rest API Key!

Do you set App ID in Screen1 OneSignal-component?

yes, i do this

You can try using this extension

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I made an app with the same feature, sending push notifications from phone, not browser. This works rudimentary, because a couple of settings is not possible. The suggestion to use the extension is a good one, but I think if there are errors right now, they won’t disappear with this extension, because the blocks are maybe wrong. Can you post all RELEVANT blocks to send a push notification?

Please show your blocks


First you should check if the value of the tag it restapi or whatever you want it to be… You can do this using notifier or showing the value in a label

It will help you. This has been discussed in the community before. :slight_smile: