Push Notification without OneSignal

Hello Community ,
I have a question to you.
I want to know how i can make Push Notifications without OneSignal, because OneSignal is not GPDR conform, and i dont want to ask a app user if he allowed it to share all his informations and tracking data with a third party service.
People get scary if i show them what OneSignal tracks from their user.
So i want to make my own Push Notifications with firebase or with other services. A
I want only to have the possibility to make notifications on a spcific time and date.
MAybe there is a extension out there which i dont know.

It is possible to delete the tracking function in the OneSignal SDK but for that we need a update from the team or an Extension developer can make one .
It would be nice to hava GPDR conform PushNotification Provider like Firebase or a other one.
I would pay 20 Dollar for a working Extension where i can send push Notifications at a specific time and date to the user. Maybe like One Signal which have a background service and you can get you notifications if your app does not run
WIth OneSignal it is possible to get the Notifications if the app do not run. So normaly ot should be possible to use the same Background Servoe for that for a other provider or self made Service.

It would be nice to get a answer from you guys.
Maybe a answer form a Developer.

Just so you know, you will get the same treatment as everyone else as you are posting same question in different communities

In other words, not as many answers as you would like


A lot of Extension Developer and PushNotification User are on AppyBuilder and not in Kodular.
This is why i wrote there also.
We have more AppyBuilder user which uses a PushNotification Extension as here.

And you really think firebase/Google does not store user data? :joy::joy::joy:


Your phone knows you more than your friends

Facebook knows you more than your parents

Google knows you more than You

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