Push_Notifications error

I’m coding https://www.kodular.io/ and everything is fine there but I get the error I sent in onesignel.com

Google Play services library initialization error. Check for conflicting plugins and make sure “com.google.android.gms.version” is in your AndroidManifest.xml. Check the logcat for more details.
Google Play Services Library Error

if you get any idea please info me.

that was not new issue

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I did a search on the subject but couldn’t find any results. Can you please explain with a picture. Everyone is complaining about this issue. no one has figured it out

It’s a bug in the new Kodular update… just wait


Or Read :point_down:


There is a guide to using push notification with a PHP script. I haven’t tested it.

I’m trying all the ways. Please help with pictures. I’m about to go crazy. This is the only thing missing in a big project.
Is there a video or picture on how to do it on Enhance.co

Did you download the Enhance Extension?

Without Enhace it isn’t working.

demo error

Follow :point_down:


Here in the community, there are many answers already posted.

A simple suggestion: always search before posting… you’ll find the answer and you’ll waste less time.:+1:

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Using enhance.co extension can greatly effect size of application…
For me,…
Orignal apk : 6.5MB
Enhanced apk : 17.6MB

Push_Notifications error. Please help me fix this error. Thank you. Gmail:xxxxxx. Whatapp xxxxxxxx

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The one signal component is broken since several months…
A working solution you can find here