Q&A app - Help please

In my application the user creates several questions, and these questions are stored in TinyDB.

Can you give me suggestions please in this case? :smiley:

I want the user, when creating his questions (each user will create the question he wants), he can send these questions to the person or people he wants to answer (I thought of the google form, and whatsapp). And when the person answered those questions it would be sent to the application to be stored in TiniDB…

Is it possible to do that? :hugs:

If user can ask the person directly why would user use your app?

Because the app would be a game :sweat_smile: :laughing:

Do you think it make sense?
If you want to make a question answer app, You have to give the question, or answer the question Or have to make a community to answer questions. Otherwise think for new app idea :relaxed:
It’s a suggestion. But you can do what you want

Answer of your question:
If you want to make such an app. Both end user have to install your app to see or give answer. You can use function like messaging but in different way like quiz

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@SamirTalukder - Thanks for the tip…

to hear the opinion of would like more people.